ZebroidNewsUpdate 5.6.2

Update 5.6.2


  • XML import: added the ability to fill in the text field when you import XML files
  • XML import: added the ability to fill in additional fields for the categories
  • Export/XML import to DLE: added support for additional field title (meta title) for categories
  • Export into HTML: added the ability to save categories pages to index files (category link will be site.com/category/)
  • Counting characters for the meta tag description
  • Added support for Internet Explorer as the engine for the visual text editor. Select the engine (Chromium or Internet Explorer) you can in the program settings
  • Unique text by noodle method: mixing part of the sentence
  • Custom code insertion: insert the code into the middle of the article
  • Count of characters in the title
  • Unique text by noodle method: added option «Mix text inside articles»
  • File export to DLE: export of description and keywords of categories
  • Internet images: Added option „SafeSearch“ to filter unwanted content when searching images with Google
  • Clear posts/titles: new option in HTML cleaning — »Change the emoji characters in the HTML code"
  • Export with custom format: new macro «Article ID»
  • Keywords diversification: the ability to specify how many words must be matched by using overlapping conditions
  • Import/Export settings of sites in multisite project
  • Keywords diversification: a new insertion point — «Tags»


  • Completely reworked the tab «Images»
  • Ring relink don't put links into the h1-h6
  • Google translater: part of the text wrapped in tags [NO_EDIT]...[/NO_EDIT] will not participate in the translation
  • Tumblr autoposting script: improved operational stability
  • Translater: added Uzbek language
  • Keywords diversification: auto-detection encoding of keywords file
  • Auto categories:search keywords in the title (and not only in the text) at the relevant search
  • RSS grabber: the ability to manually select the encoding when parsing the full news
  • Deleting program temporary files is now going to bypass the Recycle Bin
  • Minor improvements


  • Google images
  • Yandex images
  • Visual editor: using hot keys to highlight text in bold, italic and underlined — loses focus
  • Export with custom format: macro {TEXT_AFTER_MORE} did not work
  • Auto posting: proxy does not work
  • SQL import: incorrect proccesing of numeric columns
  • Unique images: the program simply stops processing if you come across a bad files
  • Youtube auto video: description was empty
  • CMS installer: buggy option «Clean FTP folder» when using SSH
  • Internet images: incorrectly indicates the size of large images when searching on Google
  • CMS installer: export/import/backup profiles ignore SSH settings
  • Facebook auto posting script
  • Relink report: abort button
  • Minor bugs


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