ZebroidNewsUpdate 5.5

Update 5.5


  • Cleaning headings: Added «Mode» option in the search of articles on the black/white list of words
  • Drop-macro: Connected tool «url shortener»
  • XML-RPC: new option «Ignore errors and mark articles as a successfully published»
  • Custom export: added macro «text after more»
  • New option of start from the command line "/api-file"


  • Significantly improved the speed of collection of statistical information about the author of the post when exporting to a number of XML Formats
  • When operating in the «Big Project» mode or «SQLite project» the program stores all information for rollback in the same store as the texts (reduces memory consumption)
  • Optimized memory usage when using the tool «Custom Export»
  • Spinner: altered interaction with HaSyn protocol (now the data exchange takes place via sockets instead of the clipboard)
  • Minor improvements


  • If the option «Limit the change log 0» when working with the «Replacement» tool: data rollback was still placed in memory
  • Errors in import module for Joomla 3
  • Autovideo: restored work with RedTube and PornHub services
  • Facebook: posting on the group page
  • Selection of keywords in multisite project
  • Minor bugs


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