ZebroidNewsUpdate 5.0.6 (Posting to Google+)

Update 5.0.6 (Posting to Google+)

Some crucial updates were made to improve stability and user experience.

If you'll have some problems with updates, please paste new hardware id in your license manager, generate new key file and download new updater here — zebroid.us/uploads/updater.zip


  • Posting to Google+
  • Parse and check proxies: the ability to mark individual types of proxy, sort proxy etc
  • Autoposting: pause between blogs
  • Autoposting: the ability to restrict the number of published posts per session for each account
  • Usage of proxy: the opportunity to immediately remove proxies from the list
  • In bulk renaming of articles added macro "{CATEGORY_TITLE}"


  • Project Tree: Changing the mark is applied to all selected records
  • Search in the project tree: if nothing is found — program will report
  • Improved import from Word (better defined lists)
  • Autoposting in tumblr: stores links to published articles
  • A library for dealing with FTP replaced by a more stable
  • When running in 64-bit Windows Zebroid can use up to 4 GB of RAM (it was up to 2GB)
  • Minor improvements


  • Autoposting has not work properly, pause longer than 255 seconds.
  • Web Images: save search session for later
  • Crossposting: Articles marked as not used
  • Bug of loading profiles Autocategories
  • Error that sometimes pops up when working with flicr
  • Slow Chromium for some users
  • XML-RPC: Error during synchronization with Joomla 2.5+
  • Autodata: loading profiles
  • XML-RPC module for DLE: not correctly calculated the time of publication, taking into account time zone server
  • XML-RPC module for DLE: new versions of DLE script does not correctly read the option value, which is responsible for creating NC links
  • Error during reproduction of texts
  • Error, which has not specified the path to the picture if it is used in multiple records
  • Posting on Facebook with a picture
  • Minor bugs


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