FAQ for buyers

  1. What are the minimum system requirements?
    ОС: Windows XP или новее.
    Железо: 800MHz процессор (CPU), 512MB RAM, минимальное разрешение экрана 800х600 (желательно 1024x768 и больше)
    Стабильная работа на «сборках» Windows (Zver и т.д.) не гарантируется ввиду возможного отсутствия на таких «сборках» системных библиотек необходимых для корректной работы программы
  2. How frequently you make updates?
    Approximately every 2 weeks, but may be delayed (particularly in holiday periods)
  3. If I change my computer/computer part, would I get a new key?
    A new key can be obtained in the license manager on the forum of the program in automatic mode. Monthly limit of key generations is one generation per license.
  4. Is the program able to parse (find) content?
    No, the program is not engaged in the production of content. It only processes it and exports the to necessary engines. The program has a very powerful import content tool, which allows you to import files from almost any source, because Zebroid gets along very well with other software that may be a source of content, including parsers.

FAQ for users

  1. I can not understand some features of the program, where I read about it?
    Every window in the upper right corner there is a button in the form of a question mark. This is a reference to the description of this window and its destination.
  2. During uploadin of the generated file, the site constantly pops up the message "File is not specified" and nothing is imported, what to do?
    Chances are your hosting has a limit to the uploading file size. You need to either increase the limit or split files during export (click on the «Export» button, which brings up a window where you can select the maximum size of the generated file)

  3. How to automatically insert code of news separator to all articles?
    With the tool Сode insertion
  4. Could not update program: Could not connect to server!
    Turn off anti-virus/firewall or add an exception to updater.exe
  5. Could not parse pictures or video, do not post via XML-RPC
    Turn off anti-virus/firewall or add an exception to Zebroid
  6. I have tags in text of the imported files. How to teach the program to take them out?
    With the help of tool "Field collector"
  7. After importing i’ve lost part of the tags. How to import HTML unchanged
    Pay attention to this setting:

    If you want the program to not remove the tags in the imported file, clear this field
  8. How to break the news to the brief and full in DLE
    When exporting to DLE have 3 options of forming short_story:

    1. With tag article is divided into short and full of news. Short news duplicated in full, so in full you’ll get full article
    2. With tag article is divided into short and full of news. Short news is not duplicated in full, so the full article starts after the tag
    3. No tags. Then, in a short news gets all the text of the article in full — nothing (DLE when viewing the full news displays brief one)
  9. How to break the news to the brief and full in Joomla, WordPress and other CMS?
    For all CMS, that support the separation of news, the program has tag as a separator of full and short news. During the export Zebroid will supervise what the significance is suitable for each CMS. This is made to ensure that the same project, can be exported to a different CMS and get the expected result.
  10. When you import your blog via XML-RPC the program project includes only categories, what to do?
    The server does not have enough memory to generate a response to the request, too many posts. Unfortunately, there is nothig we can do, it's a flaw of XML-RPC protocol.
  11. I want to move Zebroid to another computer
    Transfer the program to another computer is not prohibited (but do not abuse it). All you need to do this is:

    1. Copy Zebroid to a new computer
    2. Delete the copy of the old (if we find out about trying to run a program on a computer with a locked key — we will block all licenses without notice)
    3. Start the program on your new computer and get to know its ID
    4. Get the key for activation on new hardware
  12. Tell me whether you have step by step instructions on how to make a website ..?
    No, sorry, there is no such thing. You have to know why you need a program and what features should be performed. Extensive functionality does not allow to allocate the process under a separate template and in this the whole charm of the program.
  13. I am doing XML-RPC export. Internal linking sometimes puts the correct links, and sometimes kind http://domen/category/~id-40. Why is that? And what to do about it?
    Wait until the end of the tool process before you check the results. The program will correct links when it would know exactl addresses of all the articles.
  14. How can I add thumbnails to posts to WordPress?
    Starting with version 4.5 we add support for this field when posting on XML-RPC. Details can be found on the page description of the WordPress features
  15. Can I run the program on MacOS, Ubuntu, Mint, etc.?
    Zebroid only works on the Windows operating system (including those installed on the virtual machine). You can always check the operation of the program on your system, using the demo version.

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