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In program: Project → XML-RPC posting → Syncronization mode
Synchronisation is a process of articles on a site and in the program to a general view. Articles undertake a basis in Zebroid, and it means that programs adds those articles that is in the program, but is not present on a site, edits articles which are present there and there and as deletes articles from a site if they are not present in the program project.

And as in the tool присутстсвуют such operations as editing and removal it is recommended will attentively familiarise with article and before the first use to make бэкап a site (just in case).

During synchronisation there is a process of loading of all articles on a site, them сравнивание (on the identifier) to articles in the project. After сравнивания the list of articles to removal (what are not present in the program but is on a site), addition (contrast previous) and to editing (what are both there and there) is made. Being guided by these lists the program also does the necessary operations.

I Ask to pay attention that сравнивание occurs on the post identifier on a site which import XML-RPC, export XML-RPC turns out during time and at addition of posts during synchronisation. If you have created article on a site, and then as have manually created it in the program the program will regard it as new, despite that texts will be identical. If you want, that contained in the program was identically contained blog import it to the empty or cleared project.

As to an option "to Add only not used " it the program begins works to similarly usual export of new posts, i.e. deletes nothing and does not edit, and only adds posts which are not present on a site. Unique differences that:

  • In synchronisation posts are considered new when they do not have identifier of article for an active blog, and in export on a mark «is used»
  • After pouring of pictures, article text is updated and local references already appear in the project not, and those, as on a blog (it is made that constantly not перезаливались pictures during each synchronisation)

This mode will be necessary for those who has changed nothing in old articles, and has only added the new. In case all others, synchronisation edits all articles of the project without dependence from that you changed it or not.

it is necessary to understand that Zebroid is not a blog the client who replaces админку a site. It is created for mass operations with a site and it is convenient at its use in such purposes