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General settings XML RPC

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Without dependence from a posting mode, in XML-RPC there are the general for all adjustment.

the General for all modes XML-RPC of posting of adjustment

the General for all modes XML-RPC of posting of adjustment

  • Streams — quantity of streams, используеміх the program for posting. The more streams, the the program, but also the more loading on the server (in case of posting on one blog)
  • faster works
  • the Proxy — at posting on foreign services (Blogger, LiveJournal, WordsPress.com) insistently is recommended to use proxy lists, differently you risk to receive бан используеммых accounts. Проски undertake with the proxy list . As there is a possibility automatically to start parsing and proxy check before tool start. For this purpose it is necessary to choose only a profile of options from the list
  • Reproduction of articles — if at you in статях the project is used a template for reproduction you can apply it before article sending on blogs. All that is necessary for you, it to choose correct a profile of options for reproduction . It is very useful to use at mass posting in сплоги one or several multiplied articles
  • to Add only new posts — the program adds only those posts which are noted as used. Such mark Zebroid puts to articles after successful posting at least in one of blogs. This option after addition of new articles in the project, which already постили
  • is used
  • the Pause — a pause between inquiries. Reduces loading by the server
  • to Suspend performance in case of a posting error — the program will put posting on a pause if at least one of server answers is «not successful».

Managements of profiles

Management of profiles in this tool similarly another — through the contextual menu. To addition and removals of profiles it is not necessary to describe process, it simple and clear. It would be desirable will stop on unique and useful functions of the contextual menu of profiles more detailed:

  • to Import from the buffer — import of profiles from a clipboard in the necessary format (the import format will be considered more low)
  • to Export to the buffer — export of profiles from a clipboard in the necessary format (the export format will be considered more low)
  • to Export addresses of articles — Keeps in the buffer of the address of all articles sent through the program at allocated blogs

Format of import/export of profiles the following:


Apparently, as a divider the semicolon acts, but instead of it as it is possible to use a tabulation symbol.

Not obligatory, it it is necessary to specify last parametre XML_RPC if the non-standard way to interface XML-RPC on a blog site is used. In an example, the second line shows what should be a format of the imported line without this parametre.

service Number is an identifier of service:

  1. WordPress
  2. WordPress.com
  3. Blogger.com
  4. LiveJournal
  5. Drupal
  6. Joomla 1.5
  7. MaxSite
  8. Blogolyot
  9. LiveInternet.ru
  10. diary.ru
  11. blog.ru
  12. Blog.com
  13. DLE
  14. blinkweb.com
  15. Joomla 2.5