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In program: Проект → XML-RPC posting → Crossposting mode
Кросспостинг it is intended for posting of same articles in different blogs with source instructions. As a result at you one blog with full texts of articles and some blogs, with short versions of same articles, but also with references to the first blog will turn out.

Options кросспостинга XML-RPC

Options кросспостинга XML-RPC

In кросспостинге always there is a main blog. The main blog is that blog to which the full version of article anyway gets and to which other blogs refer. To allocate in the program the main blog, it is necessary opposite to it, in a tree of profiles, to put a tick and to activate double pressing by the left button of a mouse. Other blogs which should participate in кросспостинге are simply marked by a tick in a tree of profiles of export.

Adjustment of parametres кросспостинга is a following stage:

  1. to Send posts:
    • All — in кросспостинге all posts of the active project
    • will participate
    • Only new posts — will participate only those posts, which else never participated in export by means of XML-RPC or Autoposting
    • Before certain date — those posts, which date participate only less or is equal specified in «Additional conditions» (more low)
    • the Limited quantity — the first participate n posts (the quantity of posts is underlined in «Additional conditions»)
  2. Type of creation of posts:
    • Full posts on each blog — on all blogs, in independence of what main the full version of article
    • is published
    • Short posts (to cut off on <!--more-->) — on the main blog the full version of article, on the others only that part that goes to тега <!--more-->. If тега <!--more--> is not present in article the full version
    • is published
    • Short posts (to cut off by quantity) — on the main blog the full version of article, on the others — the first n article symbols (the quantity of symbols is underlined in «Additional conditions»). There is a possibility to adjust «correct» trimming of article
  3. the Reference to the source — the reference to the source location (the beginning or article end)
  4. a conclusion Format — a format of a conclusion of a reference to the source. At present there is only one macro — {{LINK}} which during posting is replaced with the full reference of similar article to the main blog

Well and besides options кросспостинга, the program still considers and the general options of posting through XML-RPC .

the Note: internal перелинковка it is cleared in all blogs, except the main thing.