Кросспостинг it is intended for posting of same articles in different blogs with source instructions. As a result at you one blog with full texts of articles and some blogs, with short versions of same articles, but also with references to the first blog will turn out.

General settings XML RPC

Without dependence from a posting mode, in XML-RPC there are the general for all adjustment.

Mass posting

The essence of mass posting consists that there is a possibility to fill at once some blogs any quantity of a content. Truth is also minuses — it is impossible to expect in what blog what article will get (though коственно this process can be supervised, about what will be described more low). But, for example, in a situation with сплогами one subjects it practically is not important.


Synchronisation is a process of articles on a site and in the program to a general view. Articles undertake a basis in Zebroid, and it means that programs adds those articles that is in the program, but is not present on a site, edits articles which are present there and there and as deletes articles from a site if they are not present in the program project.

And as in the tool присутстсвуют such operations as editing and removal it is recommended will attentively familiarise with article and before the first use to make бэкап a site (just in case).

XML RPC Posting mode

Project export under report XML-RPC one of the most simple (in respect of options) export kinds. But it has one lack about which it is necessary to know — articles are filled in on one and if the project big — that it can occupy some time. Besides, during creation of articles, on the server notable loading therefore insistently it is not recommended to use this kind of export on the big projects at posting on cheap or weak servers is created.