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Relink report

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In program: Tools → Internal relink → Relink report
The report of results of relinking, the analysis relinking the project. This window appears after operation product relinking or after its call from the program main menu. In the first case the program will show only those links which have been established during time relinking, in the second case — all links in the project (or in noted articles if the mode of a partial choice is included).

Report on relinking the project

Report on relinking the project

At work with this tool there is a possibility to delete the link from the shortcut menu in the list, or editing article text.
As, for convenience of the analysis of links, there is a possibility to group the list on following groups:

  • to link Type (external, internal)
  • to the Source (pages on which there is a link)
  • to Appointment (pages, on which укатывает the link)
  • to the Anchor