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Rain-drop macro

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In program: Project → Rain-drop macro
The drop-macro allows to automate actions which it is possible to execute over the project by means of the program. It is a new branch of development when automation is already automated. It is recommended to use of users which have already accustomed to work with Zebroidom and want to save the time even more.

the Drop-macro of removal of pictures in the project

the Drop-macro of removal of pictures in the project

By means of the given function it is possible to program the program on performance of the prepared actions for once and in the necessary sequence.

First of all it is necessary to create a new macro. For this purpose use the right button of a mouse under the list that is above (at the left) windows. As the menu can be found such points in it as removal of a macro and renaming.

After macro creation in it it is necessary to add actions interesting you. For this purpose again it is necessary to use the contextual menu, but this time under the list, under the list of macroes. In the rest adjustment of the necessary actions consists in a choice of in advance prepared templates after each of functions or a choice of the necessary options which in most cases differ nothing from options in a separate window of function.