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Keywords desity

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In program: Tools → Keywords desity
This tool is intended for definition of density of keywords. The user enters the list of words which he wants to check up, and the program shows as often these words meet in relation to another.

Statistics of density of keywords

Statistics of density of keywords

Input of a template of a word (the template «zebras *» will answer such words as «zebra», «zebras», «zebras» etc.) is supported.

Accessible options:

  • not to consider article in which there are no required words — this option is responsible how to define word density: under the relation to all texts of article or only to in what at least time is mentioned this word
  • to Deduce the list of articles without a uniform keyword from the list — in results of work there will be a list of articles in which there are no words specified by the user
  • As to check occurrences… — this option helps to find badly optimised articles (articles at which the heading is never mentioned in the text, or остуствуют words from the list of labels and meta keywords)