ZebroidDocumentationToolsGroup options change for Zebrum/HTML

Group options change for Zebrum/HTML

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In program: Tools → Group options change for Zebrum/HTML
The tool of fast change of properties Zebrum/HTML to the allocated group of articles. For those who densely is engaged in filling of sites on Zebrum Lite knows all importance of these properties. And for those who does static sites not less important there is a possibility to define meta title each article, the name which the page will have in the list of the menu and whether it in general will be displayed there.

Group change of properties Zebrum/HTML

Group change of properties Zebrum/HTML

Basically to use the tool extremely simply, all that needs to be made, it:

  1. to Allocate records in which properties in a tree at the left
  2. should be changed
  3. to Activate properties which should be changed
  4. to Enter new values of these properties
  5. to Apply changes

For parametres @@ h1 and @@ menu is admissible to use a macro {TITLE} which designates the current name of article.