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In program: Tools → Auto video
Problem of this tool — search of video of rollers in keywords and parsing of their code with the subsequent insert in project articles.

Parser of video of rollers

Parser of video of rollers

The basic features of Autovideo:

  • the Multithreading (differently high speed of work)
  • Support of the most popular searchers of video in a RuNet
  • the Maximum control over result of work (up to that a format of a conclusion of a code)
  • Parsing of the name, the description of a videoclip and comments (if they are)
  • Two operating modes: semimanual and completely automatic

Work to share with Autovideo on 3 stages:

  1. Adjustment
  2. Parsing and a choice
  3. Preservation

the Stage 1: parsing Adjustment

1.1. Search adjustment

First of all it will be necessary for user to be defined for what articles to be searched pictures. For this purpose he in a window at the left (a project tree) marks articles necessary for it.

The instructions of options of search which consist of such options are a following stage of adjustment:

  • to Search for video on — whence the program should take keywords for search of video of rollers
  • on each inquiry — quantity of rollers which the program should Parsit of rollers парсить on each inquiry. For example: you have 3 articles for which to you it is necessary to find rollers, and you search on headings in two searchers, i.e. at you 6 inquiries (3*2) for each article turn out. And if to put a maximum of rollers for each inquiry 10 on a choice the maximum of 60 rollers (6 * 10) or on 20 rollers on article will turn out.
  • Quantity of streams — quantity simultaneous паралельных references to searchers. The more — that faster, but also the there are more than chances to obtain бан, and as the more loading on your computer and the Internet the channel. Optimum значение10 streams.
  • to Use a proxy
  • and Autopreservation — at activation of the first option you shift the Autochoice обязаность to allocate rollers for each article for the program, at activation of the second — you specify to the program after the parsing termination to begin preservation and addition (in this case you do not have possibility to check up what rollers were noted for downloading by the program)
  • to Place each roller in separate record — at activation of this option of record on which rollers are searched become categories for search results. For example: if you search for a roller for record «Zebra» and will note 10 rollers record «Zebra» will be a category with 10 records, in each of which on one roller.
  • the Choice and adjustment of searchers of video — mark search engines with which program should парсить delivery and search options
  • an insert Place — as the roller code in article text (similarly autopictures) should be placed.

Настройки for work with ВКонтакте

1.2. Insert adjustment

Insert adjustment is carried out in the second вкладке windows.

Options of an insert of video

Options of an insert of video

Here we see:

  • the Format of an insert of video are general options of how the information block will be inserted into article after preservation. Supports 4 macroes: {VIDEO_TITLE} , {VIDEO_CODE} , {VIDEO_DESCRIPTION} , {VIDEO_COMMENTS} . The first is responsible for a conclusion of the name of a roller to a site, the second — for a code of video, the third — for a description conclusion to video, the fourth — for a conclusion of the block with comments. Removal any of blocks will lead it отсутсвию in article. The code of video by the clear reasons is obligatory
  • the Format of a conclusion of the description is options of a conclusion of the block with video description which result will replace a macro {VIDEO_DESCRIPTION} in an inserted code. Supports only one macro {DESCRIPTION_TEXT} — the description text. If on a site there is no description — the block is not inserted in general
  • to Create for comments separate records — this adjustment is responsible for where comments to rollers will be inserted. If it to activate — that comments will be affiliated elements of record (to be recommended at once to activate in options project type «the Blog with comments/ the Forum»), differently — all comments will be размещатся in article text
  • the Format of a conclusion of comments — similarly previous only for comments. Supports macroes: to steam {COMMENTS_HEAD} and {/COMMENTS_HEAD} between which there is a cap of the block with comments, to steam {COMMENTS_FOOTER} and {/COMMENTS_FOOTER} — between which футер the block. Everything that is no in these the block repeats with each comment and supports such macroes: {AUTHOR} — a name of the author of the comment, {TEXT} — the text The comment. As well as in the previous case — if comments to video are not present — the block is not inserted
  • Parameter the Maximum of comments is responsible for the maximum quantity of comments which program can парсить to one video to a roller (works only at parsing with YouTube.com).
    the search and replacement Profile allows to do at once during parsing necessary replacements in texts of the description and comments of rollers

Настройка a special format of a conclusion of a code of a roller

the Stage 2: Parsing and a choice

Result of parsing of rollers

Result of parsing of rollers

After all options it is possible to start parsing process. For this purpose press the button to Start and wait process end. After that, if you have not entrusted the program an autochoice and autopreservation of results to you it is necessary most to define to what article and what roller approaches is better. All that from you is required is to allocate article in a tree of the project and in activating вкладке the Choice to mark the pleasant rollers.