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In program: Tools → Auto date
That after the publication on a site all records have not been published at once, and appeared gradually — is used the Autoadat. It is the tool of planning of date of the publication of a post (works only on CMS which I support the postponed publication).

Adjustment of date of the publication of posts

Adjustment of date of the publication of posts

There is a possibility to set some periods, in each of which there will be borders of the beginning and the termination of occurrence of articles. It is made that it was possible to regulate intensity of occurrence of posts during the different periods (it is admissible you want that from today and till the end of the year posts appeared on 3 pieces in day, and in следущем to year on 1-2 posts in day). Input of unlimited quantity of the periods is supported.

the Total percent of quantity of posts for all periods necessarily should make 100 %.

The field "Quantity of posts " informative also pays off depending on the percent entered by the user.

The field "Metodo of distribution " is responsible for by what principle will be posts on dates will be distributed:

  • In regular intervals — the period will be broken into equal sites and the program will distribute in regular intervals posts between these sites (with small displacement to the left-to the right that was not that пости are published at the same time). An example: if you have 30 posts and you have specified a range in 30 days the program will make so that posts appeared every day on one
  • Controllably-casually — the program distributes posts more in a random way, but supervises, that there were no big «holes» at occurrence of articles. An example: if you have 30 posts and you have specified a range in 30 days as a result will be about the following (figure=quantity of posts in day): 1 — 3 — 2 — 0 — 2 — 2 — 1 — 0 — 1 — 3 — 0 — 2 — 3 — 3… I.e. there is no rigid uniform distribution, the quantity of posts in day floats, but is not so strong.
  • it is Completely casual — the program distributes posts completely in a random way. The situation is quite possible that the majority of posts will drop during any one period so to use this option it is recommended only on small time intervals (it is desirable no more than 1-2 months)

The option Clever autodate is responsible for use of options of clever autodate at statement of dates (read more low more detailed).

The option to Observe an order in a project tree is responsible for conformity of dates of the publication of posts to an order in a project tree. In other words — posts in one category will be published on a site in that order in which they are in the project of Zebroida. If the option globally is included — then the order is observed not within a category, and within all project. In other words the first article of the second category will be published only after occurrence of last article of the first category.

As there is a possibility to count the final period depending on that, how many posts in day you want, that the program published. For this purpose create the period, name initial date and percent of posts which will be concerns this period, cause the contextual menu and choose point "to Calculate the period ". There will be a window in which it will be necessary to specify desirable quantity in day. After that the program will calculate final date and will write down it for this period. At calculation clever date (if the option is activated) undertakes in attention.

Clever autodate

Clever autodate

Clever autodate

This mode allows to exclude the publication of posts during «unnatural time». All options in this window are responsible for during what time it is impossible постить messages.

to Keep options as standard — by means of this button preservation of current options as standard is carried out, i.e. in new projects these options will be used by default.

Attention: Options of clever autodate specify to the program in that time in which it is impossible to place постьы. If you want that the program published only from Monday till Friday then it is necessary to put ticks позле Saturdays and Sundays, rather the reverse.