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Auto comments

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In program: Tools → Auto comments
The tool is intended for creation of comments of posts with necessary keywords or with references to necessary sites. Very well approaches for разбавление posts even not very thematic keywords.

Automatic arrangement of comments

Automatic arrangement of comments


  • Keywords to take from — a source of keywords
  • Kommenatriev for one material — a range of possible quantity of comments that is added by the program to a post
  • Percent ключевиков for one material — percent of comments containing keywords. The others комменатрии without them, i.e. neutral (for mass meeting)
  • Length ключевиков — the resolved quantity of words in ключевике. If обольше — it is cut off. If the parametre is equal 0 — restrictions are not present.
  • to Mix keywords — an example: there were «plastic windows in Moscow», there were «in Moscow windows plastic»
  • to Pass posts in which there are comments — differently adds to the existing.

the Format of files with comments

Files with comments have a list format where each new line is a new comment. In everyone ((keywords)) — she specifies the main rule, this presence to the comment of a line in a place of an insert of keywords. If this line is not — the program will not know in what place of the comment to insert ключевики so will not execute the priority.

Comments from a file with neutral comments will undertake to add in case of need the comment without a keyword.

As the program is able to process designs of variants, for example:

I just {{сегодня|вчера|позавчера}} {{have started to иследованию | {{начал|закончил}} investigated}} this theme - ((keywords)) 

Such in the image it is possible to receive many variants a writing of one semantic comment. But there is one minus: the program each time chooses рандомные a variant, and there is a chance that can it will turn out two identical comments. But the chance is smallest, and chance of that these 2 identical comments will get to one theme even less. But if all of you таки be afraid to multiply such a design in a considerable quantity of unique variants it is possible and before use by Autocomments, by means of foreign utilities.