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Auto categories

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In program: Tools → Auto categories
The tool for work with project categories. Is able to take posts from one category and in regular intervals to scatter on another, or on keywords to distribute posts on relevant to it to categories.

the Cores casually

Casual distribution of posts on categories

Casual distribution of posts on categories

This tab is created for uniform distribution of posts from one categories in others. In the left part a window headings with which get out posts which will undertake it is necessary to scatter. In right — headings in which get out posts will be scattered. All posts are scattered in regular intervals so situations in which in one category will get much more articles чес to another, cannot be.

At option activation "to Move only categories ", instead of posts the chosen categories will be processed. For example if you choose in the left part of 10 categories, and in right 2 then 5 categories from the left part become one of subcategories of the right part, and the others 5 — become подкатегорими to other category from the right part. As it is necessary to understand that in such mode it is not possible to choose the same categories from the left and right part.

In regular intervals to distribute categories between sites allows to distribute categories and their contents between several sites. For example: you have 5 categories with 100 posts in everyone and you want to receive 10 sites, with these 5 categories, but on each site in each category should be on 10 posts. In this case it is necessary to use this option. It is necessary as to notice what to use it it is possible only in мультисайтовом the project .

Relevant autocategories

Distribution of posts on categories using keywords

Distribution of posts on categories using keywords

In this вкладке there is an adjustment релеватного distributions of posts — when the program checks presence of keywords in the text and on them defines what post and in what category it is necessary to send.

In the field «keyword» registers a word template at which finding the program will carry article to a certain category, in the field «Category» gets out from the list a category existing in the project to which article will be transferred, or the name of a new category registers. If in one article will be signs several categories article will get to a category being guided «by distribution Type.»

Additional categories

Additional categories are categories to which the post besides that in which it directly is concerns. This function should be used only at work with CMS which support multicategories.

Distribution of posts on additional categories

Distribution of posts on additional categories

In the top of this window there is a possibility to choose a range of quantity of additional categories on a post. The quantity of categories will get out in a random way from the chosen range.

The menu Type of assignment of a category consists of such points:

  • it is casual — additional categories will get out in a random way
  • on a key — additional categories will get out submitting to rules from the list more low, i.e. on a keyword (thus they will be relevant)
  • on a key + it is casual — additional categories will get out first of all on a key, and the missing quantity will be casually chosen (thus quantity of additional categories will correspond to a desirable range)

In the rest this функционал works similarly to that, as for the basic categories.