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Additional fields

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In program: Tools → Additional fields
The window «Additional fields» serves for automatic filling of additional fields supported WordPress , DLE and some other CMS.

Installation of a rating to articles for export in DLE

Installation of a rating to articles for export in DLE

At present exist 3 tabs:

  • Casual value — automatically fillings of the specified field with one of values from the list
  • Search and replace
  • Autopictures — automatic loading of pictures from the specified folder or pictures in the text, and fillings with the reference to it an additional field (presumably for templates WordPress in which in a template it is necessary to specify the reference to a miniature

Casual value to use very simply, it is not a lot of options and they clear. It is used for definition of authors of article or any other values.

Not translated

With Autopictures too complexities should not be, there are such options:

  • a field Name — a name of an additional field for pictures (can использоватся a macro {COUNTER} which will be will be replaced with picture serial number in the text if to load all pictures from the text);
  • the Way of reception of a picture — is defined whence by the program will take pictures. There is a variant from a folder with pictures, and as from the text (the first, casual or all)
  • the Folder with pictures — the Folder with which files will undertake;
  • Compulsorily to reduce to… — the Sizes of pictures to which will be adjusted the used;
  • to Finish if files have come to an end is will protect from a reuse of the same drawings in different articles

At use the Way of reception of a picture «All from the text» in a field name it is possible to use a macro {COUNTER} . In this case the program on each found picture in the text will create доп. A field and to replace in his name this macro with serial number. If not to use {COUNTER} — then the program will write down all pictures in one field dividing their carrying over of a line.