Additional fields

The window «Additional fields» serves for automatic filling of additional fields supported WordPress , DLE and some other CMS.

Auto categories

The tool for work with project categories. Is able to take posts from one category and in regular intervals to scatter on another, or on keywords to distribute posts on relevant to it to categories.

Auto comments

The tool is intended for creation of comments of posts with necessary keywords or with references to necessary sites. Very well approaches for разбавление posts even not very thematic keywords.

Auto date

That after the publication on a site all records have not been published at once, and appeared gradually — is used the Autoadat. It is the tool of planning of date of the publication of a post (works only on CMS which I support the postponed publication).

Auto maps

Инструмент «Автокарты» создан для облегчения процесса поиска и вставки в тексты статей Google карт. Необходимость в добавлении карт может быть разной: создание сайтов-справочников, сайты объявлений, увеличение «человечности» дорвеев и т.д. В любом из этих случаев добавлять карты можно как полностью автоматическом режиме, так и в полу-автоматическом (под контролем у пользователя).

Auto video

Problem of this tool — search of video of rollers in keywords and parsing of their code with the subsequent insert in project articles.

Custom structure

Project structurization is necessary for creation of difficult structure at the minimum expenses of forces and time. It will allow to increase chances of a site of avoidance АГС and simply to improve navigation and convenience to its visitors. All that is required from the user is to describe desirable structure of a site and to choose keywords on which distribution should be conducted.

Generation of projects for other programs

The tool problem «Generation of projects of other programs» consists in generating projects for programs AllSubmitter, XRumer, Zhukladochnik who as much know, help to accelerate indexation and, in the presence of good base to increase reference weight.

Advantage of Zebroida by preparation of such projects consists that he already many knows about a site — references to articles, headings of articles, keywords, texts etc. It helps it to create projects which are really closely connected with your site on the full automatic machine. Certainly quality of such projects will be far that it is possible to receive having made them manually, but for дорвеев, сплогов and саттелитов quite approaching.

Group options change for Zebrum/HTML

The tool of fast change of properties Zebrum/HTML to the allocated group of articles. For those who densely is engaged in filling of sites on Zebrum Lite knows all importance of these properties. And for those who does static sites not less important there is a possibility to define meta title each article, the name which the page will have in the list of the menu and whether it in general will be displayed there.

Keywords desity

This tool is intended for definition of density of keywords. The user enters the list of words which he wants to check up, and the program shows as often these words meet in relation to another.

Link Shortener


Loop relink

Перелинковка a method of cross rings. From the user the list of keywords on which will be is required only is made перелинковка. In search of articles and a choice of a direction of references will be engaged Zebroid.

Rain-drop macro

The drop-macro allows to automate actions which it is possible to execute over the project by means of the program. It is a new branch of development when automation is already automated. It is recommended to use of users which have already accustomed to work with Zebroidom and want to save the time even more.

Regular relink

For creation internal and external перелинковки with the maximum control from the user the tool «Usual перелинковка» is used. But as the user has the big control over process перелиновки from it as it is required more efforts for tool adjustment.

Relink helper

The assistant internal перелинковки — the tool of selection of keywords and search of the most suitable articles for creation of references on these keywords. It as the designer перелинковки in a semi-automatic mode: all difficult work Zebroid, and all will incur the most responsible — the user.

Relink kit

«The designer internal перелинковки» serves for creation directed перелинковки pages of a site, weight transfer to necessary and key pages, an insert of blocks with keywords and to word combinations for a top raising on LF and СЧ at the minimum intervention from the user.

Relink report

The report of results of relinking, the analysis relinking the project. This window appears after operation product relinking or after its call from the program main menu. In the first case the program will show only those links which have been established during time relinking, in the second case — all links in the project (or in noted articles if the mode of a partial choice is included).

Text spinning

Reproduction of texts is a way to create from one text a little similar on sense but not identical on uniqueness if to compare their method шинглов. This way happens useful when it is necessary to place a number of articles on different sites which I will refer to the basic site. In that case the same article on different sites can be regarded by searchers as duplicates and weight of references will not be просуммирован. Qualitatively multiplied article will be will cause a stir in the opinion of ПС that will serve as plus by transfer of weight of the reference.