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In program: Content processing → Text decoration
Zebroid is able not only to search automatically for labels to each article, but also then to allocate these labels in texts, concluding them in necessary to the user теги (strong, em, b, i). As, besides allocation of keywords in texts, the program is able to conclude some paragraphs in теги citing that in some measure as influences uniqueness and appeal of texts.

Allocation of keywords in project texts

Allocation of keywords in project texts

The tool supports 2 modes of allocation: allocation of words/phrases and allocation of paragraphs.

Allocation of words/phrases

The list of words/phrases which it is necessary can allocate to undertake from dictionaries of labels (you can even separately create the special dictionary under ornaments), from article labels (then those words will be allocated only that is in the field of a label) or casual words.
To decorate the text it is possible as for one тегом (for example strong), and several. It is necessary to put only ticks opposite to those тегов that you interest. If деактивировать all теги ornaments of words/phrases it will not be carried out. It is possible to enter a name of the тега (last point in the list тегов).

As there is a possibility to limit quantity of such ornaments on article. There are 2 methods:

  1. to specify the maximum quantity of ornaments for each article;
  2. the maximum quantity will be proportional to the size of article.

Allocation of paragraphs

Paragraphs are allocated only with citations. It is possible to allocate only the first or only last paragraphs of article, and it is possible casual.

Теги citations too happen different therefore you need to choose that are pleasant more. As well as in the previous case if not to choose any тега allocation of citations will not be carried out.