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In program: Content processing → Synonym spinner
Text-through built in синонимайзер the project allows уникализировать texts by means of replacement of words and a word combination on their synonyms. Quality синонимайзинга and readership of texts completely depends on used dictionaries. It is recommended to use dictionaries in which the majority of replacements is based on word combinations, instead of words. It is allowed is achieved in the best results both in uniqueness of texts, and in their perception by the person.

Sinonimajzer of texts of the project

Sinonimajzer of texts of the project

Синонимайзер allows to choose some dictionaries for синонимайзинга the text, but it is necessary to remember that it is in the considerable image will reduce speed of processing. The algorithm is constructed in such a manner that the quantity of words practically does not influence in any way speed of work of the tool, but here quantity of dictionaries increases number of inquiries to a database of synonyms that in turn increases an answer waiting time. Therefore, insistently it is recommended to unite such dictionaries in one (on projects to 5 thousand articles the difference is not essential therefore it is possible to ignore).

For users синонимайзера HASyn — if during opening of this window program HASyn then under the list of dictionaries there is an option «is started to Use for синонимайзинга HASyn» at which activation синонимайзингом Zebroid, and HASyn is engaged not.

Options and possibilities синонимайзера

There is a number of options for management of tools. Depending on what options you choose, the result will be such also.

  • the Maximum percent of replacements by article — percent of replacements at which excess синонимайзер passes to the following article
  • Figures in words — translates figures in capital, i.e. figure «153» will be replaced on «hundred fifty three»
  • Date in words — it is similar, only with dates, for example: «1/12/2003»=«on twelfth of January two thousand third»
  • English — at activation of this option, previous two will replace with the text in English (on what another this option does not influence)
  • Hashing of offers/paragraphs — hashing of offers and paragraphs for increase of uniqueness of texts. Suits only poor-quality sites and дорвеев

Dictionaries of synonyms

For синонимайинга dictionaries of synonyms are necessary. You can use one of the dictionaries given together with the program, or to use the dictionaries received from other sources (for example bought separately).

Archives are necessary for unpacking in a folder "Zebroid\userdata\Synonyms\". For Russian-speaking texts I recommend to use «the Russian dictionary 1», percent of replacements probably not so big, but readership of texts after processing at very high level.

Настройка dictionaries of synonyms