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Keywords selection

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In program: Main menu → Content processing → Keywords selection
Selection of keywords facilitates a problem of a choice of keywords for site advancement in LF and СЧ. The given tool is useful for using, when you want to receive the additional traffic on low-frequency keywords, but do not know with which words better to work, to receive the best result.

Selection of keywords for the project

Selection of keywords for the project

The tool works in three stages:

  1. the Analysis of popular words or word combinations in the project (words which often repeat most likely are more priority, besides on them to receive the traffic easier)
  2. the Analysis of popularity of the chosen keywords on Jandeks.Wordstat (this stage allows to define on what is better сконцентрироватся to receive the maximum result)
  3. Allocation of keywords in the text (the program allocates тегами the necessary keywords that will allow to raise value of article on these keywords for ПС)

Let's consider options of each of stages separately.

the project Analysis

  • the Minimum length of a word — the words which length is less than it the program are not considered
  • — how many results are necessary to display a sample Limit
  • Quantity of words — quantity of words in word combinations which the program should choose. Optimum value 2 — 3 (it is better 2 or 3) as one word will be very often shown on Wordstat as superpopular, but that will be only in any combination, and 4 words will seldom show good frequency in the text
  • Lemmatizatsija — defines necessity to do лемматизацию and if to do, how. There are such variants:
    • not to do
    • Only for association in group — лемматизация becomes only that words in different cases were not considered as the different. During check on Wordstat береться a word, in the first met in the text a case
    • Full лемматизация — in this case the program not simply groups words in different cases, but also sends on Wordstat words in the Nominative case (it is not recommended to use when word combinations if you certainly do not want to receive a word combination «Masha are searched to eat porridge»)

Statistics on Wordstat

  • to Check words — defines in what kind to send words on check: as is, in brackets or with exclamation marks
  • to Mark if value is more… — after check the program will note only those records, popularity on Wordstat which more specified by the user
  • Quantity of streams — quantity of streams for statistics parsing
  • to Use a proxy — specifies in necessity to use a proxy. On the contrary dropping out list, with a profile of options of parsing and proxy check (if it is necessary to do before use)

Insistently it is recommended to use the tool only together with a proxy

the project Analysis

Simply specify a profile of options of «a text Ornament» that the program knew in what теги and with what frequency to allocate words necessary for you