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Google Translator

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In program: Content processing → Google Translate
If it is necessary for you перести texts, Google Translate — the excellent decision. Zebroid supports it the translator and is able to translate texts with its help in some streams, i.e. quickly.

Options of the translator of texts Google Translater

Options of the translator of texts Google Translater

Everything that is required from the user is to choose what posts it is necessary to translate and specify with what options:

  • the Source language — in what language articles (auto detection is not included because if the small piece of the text Google language can not distinguish gets and not translate)
  • are written
  • the Target language — on what language to translate
  • to Use a proxy — whether the parametre defines will be used for proxy transfer. Проски undertake with the proxy list . As there is a possibility automatically to start parsing and proxy check before tool start. For this purpose it is necessary to choose only a profile of options from the list
  • Quantity of streams — quantity of streams during sending of inquiries (the more — to those translates more likely, but also the chance to receive to receive бан on IP there is more)

To translate the big projects without a proxy it is not recommended.