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Split articles

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In program: Content processing → Split articles
The tool Breakdown of articles allows to break the big articles into smaller to the signs necessary to the user. As this tool is applied after import of text files, to their subsequent breakdown on separate articles.

Breakdown of articles and the big files

Breakdown of articles and the big files

There are some types of breakdown:

  1. On the size
  2. By sign
  3. On спец. тегам

As, besides it, in not dependences on breakdown type (except breakdown on спец. тегам), is additional options which are responsible for placing of new articles:

  • New posts to create nearby or to do affiliated
  • If new posts become affiliated, that is possibility to activate an option the Forum format which the text of first article will leave in a theme, i.e. it will turn out that the first article is a cap of a theme at a forum, and all the others — comments to this article.

The breakdown type On the size has the following set of options:

  • the Size of article from — the desirable size of future articles. It is possible to specify both in symbols, and in words. For example: if you have article in 3000 symbols and have specified the size 1500 then should 2 articles on 1500 symbols (or коло that, depending on other parametres)
  • will turn out
  • to Cut off on — a sign, which it is necessary to search to the program after the specified quantity of symbols (words) to cut article. This option is necessary, that articles have been beautifully cut and not cut short.
  • not to leave tails — if this option last article which will turn out as a result of cutting it will not be guaranteed less half of size specified by the user is activated. For example: you have article in 3500 symbols and have specified the size 1500, that 3 articles on 1500-1500 — 500 have not turned out, the program will attach last in penultimate and 2 articles 1500 — 2000 will turn out.

The breakdown type By sign has the following set of options:

  • the sign Type — defines what exactly should act in a role of a sign for breakdown
  • the Option Regular expression — whether defines it is necessary for the program to consider a test sign as regular expression
  • the Option not to delete a sign — whether defines it is necessary to delete a sign from the text at breakdown

For those who is familiar with regular expression the following information can be interesting: if in regular expression there is one group — then the result of coincidence of this group — will be article name (in independence of what options stand in the autoname) and if there are 2 groups — then the first group will be removed from the text (if the option is inactive not to delete a sign ), and the first — article name.

The button near an option «Regular expression» causes the designer of regular expressions .

Breakdown type On спец. тегам has possibility to break article with definition of structure of categories/subcategories (though it not necessarily). Options:

  • Teg of a category — not obligatory тег which specifies in the category beginning in the text
  • Teg of a subcategory — not obligatory тег (if it is not specified тег to a category) which specifies in the subcategory beginning in the text
  • Teg of a post — obligatory тег which specifies in the post beginning in the text

Breakdown is carried out in such a manner that contained тега is a name of a category/subcategory/post, and all that follows it and to the following approaching тега — the text. An example of the text which will be correctly broken with options by default into categories, subcategories and posts:

<h1> the Category 1 </h1>
<h2> the Subcategory 1 </h2>
<h3> the Post 1 </h3>
The post text
<h3> the Post 2 </h3>
The post text
<h2> the Subcategory 2 </h2>
<h3> the Post 3 </h3>
The post text
<h3> the Post 4 </h3>
The post text
<h3> the Post 5 </h3>
The post text
<h1> the Category 2 </h1>
<h2> the Subcategory 3 </h2>
<h3> the Post 6 </h3>
The post text
<h3> the Post 7 </h3>
The post text 

the Name

Formation of names to articles after breakdown

Formation of names to articles after breakdown

For each new article after breakdown it is necessary to generate the name. There are some variants:

  • the Name on a template — in this case the program gives names leaving the template specified by the user. The template supports macroes {TITLE} — article name which break and {COUNTER} — the counter for definition of a part of article
  • the Autoname — the name is formed by rules of the block «the Autoname on» which allows to take the name from the text, or from one of specified by the user of a variant
  • the Name on regular expression — the name undertakes from the text being based on the user regular expression

Not translated

At selection of names in «the Autoname» mode under the list of words if the option «List of files» the program will take from the way list to files is activated to open them and to use for a choice of names. This way exists for those cases when the list of words too big, to insert it into a program window.