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Auto paragraphs

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In program: Content processing → Auto paragraphs
There are cases when the text needs to be broken into paragraphs. The reasons can be a little: too big paragraphs on the size in the text, too small paragraphs or their absence. The correct size of paragraphs facilitates process reading of materials and give, in some measure, to them more elegant and human kind.

Automatic creation of paragraphs in texts

Automatic creation of paragraphs in texts

If at you the text of posts goes the continuous paragraph it very strongly is evident as the horror as not beautifully looks. And to read such text not so conveniently. And having used this tool you receive the beautiful, readable text broken into accurate paragraphs of the size necessary to you.

it is necessary to notice that this function does not clean paragraphs already existing in the text, and only adds new (proceeding from the specified criteria).