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Zebrum Lite

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In program: Project → Export → Zebrum Lite
Zebrum Lite — a free engine for the minisites, working on text files. The cursor extends with an open initial code. Zebroid supports as import of a content from a site in the program, and export from the program on a site.


Export in Zebrum Lite is carried out in the form of file generation «pages.txt» which can be imported built in in CMS means. For this purpose you need to export the project and to throw the generated file in a folder tools, on servers and to start an import script. As do not forget to copy a folder with pictures which creates Zebroid together with a file «pages.txt» in the root catalogue of a site.


As well as export, during import Zebroid works only with files «pages.txt». The file can have other name, but it should have file structure in format Zebrum Lite. The program automatically distinguishes this structure during import so additional actions from the user it is not required.

Features of work with Zebrum Lite

There is a number of features at work with this CMS:

  • Zebroid supports all additional parametres (at the moment of the publication of this article) articles for Zebrum Lite. They can be set manually, causing in the contextual menu of a tree of the project point "HTML | Zebrum Lite → Attributes Zebrum Lite | HTML (Alt+Z) " or to automatically all articles of the project by means of the tool Group change of properties Zebrum/HTML

    the Filter by default for articles is set in program options: the File → Options → Export in CMS