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In program: Project → Export → Autoposting
Webs.com — English-speaking service of creation of personal sites. Has module «Blogs» in which is able to post with Zebroid.

Export to this CMS is carried out in the form of a profile autoposting. The profile is included in complete set Zebroid.

For export simply open an autoposting window, add a new account, enter the data for access on a site and choose the created profile. After account preservation it is possible to start export process.

Note: your blog should have established module «Blogs» as posting occurs in this module.

That the program correctly defined a site in which it is necessary постить it is necessary to specify correctly its address or the name (how the account on Webs.com for a long time has been created). If at you an old account the control panel looks as follows:

the Old control panel webs.com

the Old control panel webs.com

In this case it is necessary for you to specify correctly the site address, for example:


If the control panel at you new then it should look approximately so:

the New control panel webs.com

New control panel webs.com

In this case you need to specify the site name (for example «Gina site») in an additional field, or to leave its empty if it is necessary to choose the first site in the list.