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In program: Project→ Export→ Forum phpBB3
phpBB — a popular script of a forum. phpBB it is created in 2000 and for today is the forum most used in the world with an open initial code. Zebroid has the maximum support of this CMS (import of a content from a site in the program, export from the program on a site, and as support of comments).


Export in phpBB3 is realised in a kind file export. The program generates XML a file which is necessary for importing to the special module on a site.

Process of installations of the module of import

The module is able post comments, but phpBB3 does not watch that comments and themes were are published in time is necessary, and displays at once all. If you want to have the postponed publication for this CMS — use the modified assemblage phpBB3 Zebroid Edititon .


For phpBB3 the special module of export of a forum which then can be imported without problems has been created, using a profile XML import the file generated by module. Module installation:

  1. Swing the module and we unpack archive
  2. Open a file by means of the editor and we establish login and the password in 6 and 7 lines
  3. Fill in a file zexport.php in a folder with a forum

Further we open page:


We enter broad gulls and the password, we specify what branch of a forum to export and we start process.

After export the generated file is downloaded and imported it with use of a correct profile of import XML. If you do not plan to export the received project in the future in phpBB3 then with the help снипета search and replacement which is called phpBB3, the project can be cleaned from BB-codes (more precisely to translate them in HTML-codes).

Assemblage phpBB3 Zebroid Edititon

The basic feature and advantage of this updating is that a forum script strictly supervises a conclusion that and messages depending on current date. Thus, if we by means of Zebroid have filled a forum in which there are posts and themes with not come date such themes and posts will appear then when date of their publication will come. What does it give? — Now very simply to create pseudo-active forums which will lead the life and not to veil from you.

At entering of updatings the attention has been paid to the slightest details:

  • the Quantity that, messages and users corresponds to the data for time present situation
  • Users with not come date of registration in lists of users are not present
  • the Quantity of messages at the user is always shown true at present to time
  • it is impossible to find In search of posts and that from the future
  • Last activity of the user never happens more than current time
  • Posts are always displayed in a chronological order

Last, by the way, is very important. Here for example: There is a theme in which 7 messages, but are displayed at present only 3 (date of the publication of the others has not come yet). The user reads a theme and decides to leave the answer which as a result gets to the place of the fourth in a theme and does not move anywhere. All answers having later date of the publication — are displayed in a theme after that post.

Attention: To be updated from official sources it is strictly forbidden

The script of import of a content of Zebroid in a cursor is already established.