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MODx Revo

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In program: Project → Export → MODx
MODx Revo — a control system of a content and a platform for creation of web sites and web appendices. Zebroid supports as import of a content from a site in the program, and export from the program on a site.


Export in MODx Evo is carried out in a kind file export. To import created during export by Zebroid a file in CMS — it is necessary to establish the import module.

  1. Download module files
  2. Unpack a file
  3. Edit a file: in 7 and 8 line broad gulls and the password for an input in the module are written down, change them on own
  4. Load a file into a site root (at will the file can be renamed)

Using a plug-in:

  1. Open in the browser page: my-site.com/zimport.php (if you renamed a file instead of zimport the name of a file)
  2. is necessary to substitute
  3. Login using login and the password specified in a plug-in installation time
  4. Specify a file which want to import and press button «Start»