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In program: Project → Export → Maxsite
MaxSite CMS it is intended for creation of sites of various complexity. It is a blogo-like cursor which took more inspired at WordPress. Zebroid has the maximum support of this CMS (import of a content from a site in the program, export from the program on a site, and as support of comments).


Export in Maxsite exists 2 kinds:

  1. File export
  2. XML-RPC export

File export has the complete support. XML-RPC supports creation and editing of posts, import of posts and categories. Are absent: creation of categories and comments, removal of posts or pouring of pictures.

Module for import of the files generated by the program

Installation the extremely simple also consists of three operations:

  1. Download archive with the module
  2. Fill in archive contents on the server (in the root catalogue of a site)
  3. Activate a plugin in management panel of a site

For import it is necessary : export a content from the program of Zebroid in a necessary format and to load a file into the catalogue/uploads/. It is possible through loadings. Further to come in admin panel the module and to choose the necessary file.

As it is necessary to remember that if drawings it is necessary to fill in them separately in a site root (the program were used should, together with a format file mxr, create a folder uploads in which there are drawings).

Module XML-RPC

For use XML-RPC Maxsite anything in addition it is not necessary to establish, as all necessary функционал is accessible from a box. Everything that is required from the user is to add account XML-RPC and to enter the true data of access to a site.

Module XML-RPC Maxsite does not support pouring of pictures under this report, потомсу all pictures attached to the project will be filled in on an external hosting of pictures specified in program options.

Import and comments

As already it was mentioned earlier, Zebroid is able to import a content from Maxsite and as to work with comments. For content import it is used XML-RPC import. For work with comments it is necessary to change simply project type on the Blog with comments .