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In program: Project → Export → LiveStreet
LiveStreet is a free engine for blog-social networks. Zebroid is able to create users with avatars, to create blogs, posts, comments (including treelike) to establish ratings, voices, force…

Export in LiveStreet is carried out in a kind file export . To import created during export by Zebroid a file in CMS — it is necessary to establish the import module .


  1. Download archive with a plug-in
  2. Extract in a root of a folder with established LiveStreet on the server
  3. Pass under the reference yoursite.com/admin/plugins/ and activate a plug-in
  4. In site options should there will be a reference to the form of import of files in CMS

Attention: the project type in Zebroid necessarily should be LiveStreet (it is installed in program options, tab «Project»)