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In program: Project → XML-RPC Posting
LiveJournal.com is a free service for your diaries and blogs, with access options, storehouse of photos etc. Zebroid supports as import of a content from a site in the program, and export from the program on a site.

Work with this CMS is carried out in the form of support of report XML-RPC. We recommend will familiarise with articles:

Realisation of report XML-RPC supports following functions:

  • Import of articles
  • Export of articles
  • Pouring of local pictures of the project on the site server

Service does not support a category and statically page. Allows to do the postponed publication, but such posts will not get to a tape of friends. To include or disconnect the postponed publication, come the File

→ Options → Export in CMS and establish value of an option " the Postponed publication is necessary at posting in livejournal.com ".
Installation of additional modules does not need.