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Joomla 1.6 - 2.x

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In program: Project → Export → Joomla 1.x - 2.x
Joomla represents free system for creation of web sites. It is the project with an open initial code which, as well as the majority of similar projects, is not necessary on a place. It very successfully develops, during here seven years, and is popular at millions users worldwide. Zebroid is able to create posts, categories and comments for this CMS and as to import articles from a site to the program.


Export in Joomla 1.6 — 2.x exists 2 kinds:

  1. File export
  2. XML-RPC export

File export has the complete support and approaches for work with the big projects. XML-RPC export is able to create posts, but is not able to create a category (they should be already created) and comments.

Module for import of the files generated by the program

To establish the module for import of a content of Zebroid prepared by the program on Joomla it is very simple. For this purpose it is necessary to make all some simple actions:

  1. Come in admin panel of a site on Joomla
  2. Open Installation — Components
  3. Specify in adjusting archive of the module
  4. Confirm installation

Module XML-RPC

For use of report XML-RPC with blogs on Joomla 1.6 — 2.x it is necessary to establish on a site and to adjust a special plug-in.:

  1. Come in admin panel of a site on Joomla
  2. Open the Manager of extensions (tab Extensions)
  3. Establish the module
  4. Open the manager of plugins (tab Extensions)
  5. Press a column «ID» 2 times (to sort the list of plugins) — a screenshot
  6. Activate plug-ins «System – RSD» and «XMLRPC – Joomla» — screenshot

    Open XML-RPC (tab Components)

    Whether Check up all it is activated (should be as on a screenshot ) Press options — a screenshot Keep options — a screenshot

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