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Instant CMS 1.x

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In program: Project → Export → Instant CMS
InstantCMS it is a free multipurpose control system of communities. Zebroid has the maximum support of this CMS (import of a content from a site in the program, export from the program on a site, and as support of comments).


Export in Instant CMS is realised in a kind file export . That it was possible to import on a site a file generated by Zebroidom, at first it is necessary to establish on it the import module .

Installation process:

  1. Download archive with the module
  2. archive Contents unpack in a root of a folder with a site

To use the established module, it is necessary to come in админку a site

→ Components → to Establish a component.
As the script is able to create both blogs, and site articles, but at first you should solve, what exactly want to receive:

  • If blogs — then the project type in the program should be Instant CMS (blogs)
  • If articles — then either the Blog, or the Blog with comments

After export place the generated file in a folder zebroid_import on a site, fill options of import and start process.

Import and comments

As already it was mentioned earlier, Zebroid is able to import a content from Instant CMS and as to work with comments. For content import it is used SQL import . For work with comments it is necessary to change simply project type on the Blog with comments .