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Drupal 6

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In program: Project→ Export→ Drupal
Drupal — a popular free control system of contents with the open code, written on PHP. At the heart of Drupal the powerful modular kernel lies, is developed and supported by thousand developers all over the world. Zebroid has the maximum support of this CMS (import of a content from a site in the program, export from the program on a site, and as support of comments).


Export in Drupal 6 exists 3 kinds:

  1. File export
  2. XML-RPC export
  3. Autoposting

File export has the complete support. XML-RPC export is able post only in a blog, does not support the postponed publication and taxonomy. Autoposting постит slowly and in any one type of materials, but does not demand installation of additional modules.

Module for import of the files generated by the program

Installation Process :

  1. to Download and establish the module drupal.org/project/ctools
  2. to Download and establish the module drupal.org/project/wordpress_import
  3. to Come in админку CMS and to activate the module wordpress_import
  4. to Import by means of the menu in админке CMS (an example ).

the Module was developed for migration with WordPress on Drupal and consequently has a format of files of the first, but despite it, at project export in Zebroid, necessarily export it only in format Drupal.

Module XML-RPC

It is supposed that you already have established Drupal 6 and module Services. The further actions:

  1. we Include module Blog and Blog API (an example )
  2. Vkljuchem all services as shown on a screenshot
  3. we Resolve loading of files through report XML-RPC (a screenshot )
  4. It is activated blog api module (a screenshot )
  5. Well and at last, we will make so that all texts had complete support HTML (otherwise there will be no possibility to insert drawings in the text): a screenshot

XML-RPC Module Drupal is able to work only with such parametres of article as: the name, the text, date of the publication, a label and the status of record a draught copy.


The autoposting profile is included in complete set Zebroid.

For export simply open an autoposting window, add a new account, enter the data for access on a site and choose the created profile. After account preservation it is possible to start export process.

Attention: in the field «URL a site» it is necessary to enter the reference to page of addition of a material of the type necessary to you, for example:


Import and comments

As already it was mentioned earlier, Zebroid is able to import a content from Drupal and as to work with comments. For content import it is used SQL import . For work with comments it is necessary to change simply project type on the Blog with comments .