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In program: Project → Export → DataLife Engine
DataLife Engine is a news cursor popular in a RuNet. Zebroid has the maximum support of this CMS (import of a content from a site in the program, export from the program on a site, and as support of comments).


Export in DLE exists 2 kinds:

  1. XML-RPC export
  2. File export

The first type is convenient that it is not necessary to come in admin panel of a site, and the second that process of export passes much faster (especially on the big projects). Besides, at use of file export there is a possibility to start <a href="/documentation/export/export-and-upload/> Export and pouring , for this CMS, and it means what to enter in админку as not necessarily. Absence of support of comments is a minus of use XML-RPC-.

For work of both types of export on a site the corresponding module should be established.

Module XML-RPC

The first high-grade module of posting in DLE under report XML-RPC is created specially for users of program Zebroid.

The module is able to create categories, posts, static pages, to edit them, to delete, fill in pictures on the server, in general practically everything that similar module WordPress is able.

module DLE XML-RPC Installation very simple:

  1. Download module archive
  2. It is unpacked it in a site root on DLE
  3. Necessarily we open a file xmlrpc.php a notebook and it is edited in the top of adjustment (on-default the module it is included; as are included:a rating for new articles and comments; a folder for pictures "/upload/images ")
  4. If the module is established on version DLE more low than 9.6 then in a file xmlrpc.php it is necessary a line $options ['dle_version_less_than_96']=false; to replace on $options ['dle_version_less_than_96']=true;

DLE XML-RPC.zipSize: 13,31 Kb

If at you Zebroid of the version more low

It is necessary as to know that мета the information is not transferred under this report and labels, the description and title is formed by means DLE.

the Module for import of the files generated by the program

At present there are 2 modules which work with files cгенерированными program Zebroid. They differ possibilities, in the speed of work and compatibility with different versions of program Zebroid. To choose them it is necessary proceeding from what version Zebroid is used by you. Further under the text it will be a question of more advanced and functional version of the module which is compatible with Zebroid versions 4.6.2 and above. The old version модулья for the previous versions of Zebroid it is possible to find in the section end.

Admin panel of the module of import for DLE

The given module is compatible to version DLE 9.0 and above (it was tested for versions 10.0). Module installation is extremely simple and passes in some stages:

  1. we Download module archive
  2. If you use ANSI version DLE — then it is necessary for you пересохранить all.php files in archive in coding ANSI (it is recommended to use the text editor on type notepad ++)
  3. It is unpacked it in a site root on DLE
  4. Open in the browser page http: //ВАШ_САЙТ/zimport_install.php
  5. Remove a file «zimport_install.php»

After module installation come in the Control panel-> Foreign modules-> Zebroid Import and can start to use.

the Postponed comments in DLE

Specially for users Zebroid the module for CMS DLE which does possible has been written to display only those comments which date of the publication has come. The given module works on DLE versions 9.0 and above. It is recommended to use with Zebroid versions 4.6.2 and above.

Adminka модулья zComments for DLE

Adminka модулья zComments for DLE

The module watches that the comments which date has not come, were not displayed on a site. A principle very simple:the script is started with some interval and to all posts which date of the publication has come — puts the status «Approved», and that has not come yet — «Expecting». Thus on a site those comments which date has already come are displayed only.

Possibility should be accessible to module work on your server to add the task in cron.


  1. we Download module archive
  2. It is unpacked it in a site root on DLE
  3. Open in the browser page http: //DOMAIN/zcomments_install.php
  4. Remove a file «zcomments_install.php»
  5. Pass in the administrator the module panel (the Control panel-> Foreign modules-> zComments ) and follow instructions on initial adjustment.

Features of work Zebroid and DLE

As already it was mentioned earlier, Zebroid is able to import a content from DLE and as to work with comments. For content import there are 2 variants:

  1. XML-RPC import
  2. SQL import

For work with comments it is necessary to change simply project type on the Blog with comments .

As, DataLife Engine supports :

  • Teg of division into full and short news <! — more — > (short news repeats in full)
  • Teg of division into full and short news <! — more del — > (short news is absent in full)
  • the Additional field —   the Author статьи  — (the author of article and the comment)
  • the Additional field rating (article rating)
  • the Additional field meta_title (meta title articles)
  • Filling meta description (undertakes from a field description articles)
  • xfileds — additional fields with any name