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In program: Project → Export → Blogger XML
Blogger — web service for conducting blogs with which help any user can get the blog, without resorting to programming and without caring of installation and software adjustment. Zebroid supports as import of a content from a site in the program, and export from the program on a site.

Interaction occurs to service in 2 ways:

  1. XML-RPC export and XML-RPC import
  2. File export

For work under the report XML-RPC in addition anything it is not necessary to establish, it functions are accessible «from a box».

Attention: it is impossible to create more than 40-50 posts in day using XML-RPC, it is protection against automatic filling of blogs которою not to bypass. So if it is necessary for you of more posts — use file export

To work with file export as it is simple enough. The only thing that from you is required is to export the project in format Blogger XML and to import the generated file through админку your site. If during import there will be errors that ID articles is not found — do not pay attention, it does not influence at all process of import of a file.


There is a number some features which you should know working with this service:

  • as those in general are not present Categories, but article labels understands and takes out in a cloud of labels. So at export site structure will remain will not be, all will be fasts as буд articles in one category
  • Static pages there too are not present, so they is simple напросто are not exported
  • If you want, that at posting on XML-RPC at you beautiful references for articles were generated — activate an option in options «to Send the first time a post in blogger on translit» the project (File → Settings→ CNC)