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Updates of Zebroid

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In this article process of updating of the program, feature of updating of additional licences and where the user data is stored is told.

How to use updater

We start updater.exe. The program will check up versions of the program accessible to updating and to suggest to download new versions.

Program for updating Zebroid

Program for updating Zebroid

In a case if at you not last version of the program you will see the list of changes in which all new functions are described. If new versions are not accessible, the program will inform you that you use last version.

As there is a possibility to choose version number which you want to receive. It is made that in case of need the user could return on the previous version or pump over the last update.

After pressing of button «Next» you will see process of loading of updating. On the following screen the program checks integrity of the downloaded archive. If at least one of files will not manage to be unpacked — the program will not allow to continue updating. In this case it will be necessary for you to restart апдейтер and to try again.

If all is good, you can click on button «Next», the program will apply updating and will inform you on it. After Button «is ready» pressing updater it will be closed also you can start updated version Zebroid.

How to update the additional licence

  1. Update the basic licence of the program
  2. Start the program, to choose menu point "? — To Prepare archive for updating add. Licences"
  3. Copy archive on the computer with add. licence and to unpack it in a root of a folder with the program

Such operation will occupy no more than 5 minutes.

Where the user data (for carrying over) is stored

For the convenience, all user data is stored in a folder userdata , and all projects — in a folder projects . Therefore carrying over of the data should not make any work.