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In program: File → Settings → Project
Options that concern directly the active project of the program. The majority of options of this

вкладки is not recommended to be used if on it there are no reasons or you do not understand their mission.
the Window of options of current project Zebroid

the Window of options of current project Zebroid

  • Registration of a tree of the project (project type) — this adjustment is responsible for how the program should analyze project structure. If it is chosen «the Blog without comments» all parental elements of a tree of the project are considered as categories, and elements without children — posts. About other types projects and their features it is possible will familiarise in other articles of this section
  • not to change alt_name for existing records — activation of this option forbids the program to change already established to records alt_name (influences on ЧПУ references to a site), even at heading editing. It is useful to use when have loaded into the program a content from an existing site and do not want to lose the reference to pages
  • Automatically to form «description» — automatic formation meta tags «description» in article. Depends on following subparagraphs:
    1. Only at import – forms the automatic machine only at import;
    2. Always – forms always i.e. when import or when change article text.
    3. Button «to Generate all now» — generates to all articles new «description»

    Search open tags — the list тегов which the program should process by search open тегов in tests of articles. A divider a blank Clear all data XML-RPC for articles — this button is responsible for clearing of the office data of articles received after posting under report XML-RPC. In particular it means that there will be deleted the data about references of articles to blogs, in which you постили these articles through Zebroid. Extremely it is not recommended to use it needlessly Overload id articles — the Button establishes new values to the office identifier of article. New readout will be begun with number specified in the field nearby. Be attentive — at change of identifiers existing internal перелинковка it will be spoilt