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Project type: Multisite project

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The basic idea ща multisite projects — project creation under some sites. Earlier, in Zebroide, one project = one site, and accordingly was not very important (in respect of creation of satellites) functions — перелинковка between projects. Methods перелинковки several projects were, but to name their convenient language did not turn. Now, all that is necessary for you is one multisite the project at which export the program itself will create necessary quantity of export files, and all internal references will have the necessary format.

Besides it is not obligatory to do it only for the sake of перелинковки. The multisite project is convenient that it is possible to do the same processings for several sites simultaneously.

the Tree мультисайтового the project

the Tree мультисайтового the project

To include this type of the project it is necessary to come in project Options and for an option tree Registration the project to choose multisite the project . You will have at once in a tree of the project an icon in the form of the globe and the address of a site for which becomes this project. You can add some more sites by means of the contextual menu and edit them.

As, there is a possibility in the current project from categories at once to make sites. For this purpose it is necessary to allocate categories, to cause the contextual menu and to choose point Additional — to Make of the allocated categories sites . The program itself will change project type on multisite and the allocated categories become sites, and their affiliated elements — contents of sites.

Each site in such project has the set of options which it helps the program to define how should spend export:

  • URL — the site address. It is necessary for creation of correct references at перелинковке
  • export Type — how the program should generate a concrete site
  • the Template — a template for static export
  • FTP — FTP an account for pouring of a static site
  • project Options — a template of options of the project (it is necessary for definition by what principle are formed ЧПУ where to keep pictures and a site folder)
  • Restriction of the size of a generated file (only for usual export)

the List of supported types of export:

  • Statically sites
  • Zebrum Lite
  • WordPress
  • Datalife Engine
  • MaxSite
  • Joomla
  • Netcat
  • Rumba XML
  • Blogger XML
  • ModX
  • Drupal
  • Candidat CMS

Attention: that export passed in a mode мультисайтового the project it is necessary to press the export button on panels. In all other cases the program will consider the given project as a usual blog without comments.