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Project type: Blog with comments/Forum

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The basic feature of this type of the project is that the project tree consists not of 2 types of records as usual — a category and a post, and from three: a category, a post, the comment (for forums it is a forum, a theme, the message). The type of the project a blog with comments (it is set in project options) is a new branch of development of the program. Now besides possibility of pouring of articles and categories there was a possibility to export also comments to these articles.

Window Zebroid with the open project of forum type

Window Zebroid with the open project of forum type

Attention: the program automatically defines type of record depending on its position. More detailed about it it is possible to esteem in article telling about features export to a forum

project Type: the Blog with comments / the Forum is supported such CMS:

  • WordPress
  • DataLife Engine
  • Drupal 6
  • Joomla (while only 1.0 and 1.5) through module JComments
  • MaxSite
  • phpBB3 (forum)

In other cases of support of comments is not present, and at export to others CMS the program will automatically consider the project «the Blog without comments», and it means that comments become posts, and posts with comments — categories. Therefore it is recommended to expose project type corresponding to the CMS. Too most concerns also export through XML-RPC: this report does not support (probably only while) addition of comments on a blog, and it means that even if you will try to export the project to one of supported CMS through XML-RPC at you anything good it will not turn out. Because and in this case the program automatically considers the project «the Blog without comments».

project Processing

Tools which co-operate to the full:

  • Tools of processing of texts
  • Autodate
  • Autocomments
  • Usual перелинковка
  • the Ornament of texts
  • Cleaning of headings
  • the Drop-macro
  • Expansions
  • Statistics

Tools which partially co-operate (ignore comments as or cannot work with them, or in it there is no necessity):

  • Autocategories
  • Autovideo
  • Perelinkovka ring, the designer перелинковки
  • Autopictures, the picture Internet
  • Dop. Fields
  • Yandex. Shinls
  • Structurization (there is no type comments, but structure for such project to build not difficult)
  • Group change of properties