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In program: File → Settings → CNC
Options of formation of references for internal перелинковки. As the program does not know exact addresses of articles which will define to it CMS after export during creation internal перелинковки, Zebrodi tries to «guess» them (at correct options chance of guessing of 100 %) being guided by these rules. Options remain only for the current project.

the Window of options ЧПУ for references

the Window of options ЧПУ for references

At activation of the contextual menu on entry fields you will have a possibility to choose already ready templates ЧПУ for some of supported cursors. Rules ЧПУ are set for 3 types of pages:

  1. Rules CNC of article — rules of formation of references to articles
  2. Rules CNC of static pages — rules of formation of references to static pages (it is frequent they are identical to article rules)
  3. Rules CNC of a category — rules of formation of references to categories

Following macroses are supported:

  • %id_NN% — the record identifier, where NN — number with which numbering of the imported records begins (to define number which needs to be entered here, it is necessary or to look at last number of record in a database and to add to it one, or in админке a site and as to add unit)
  • %postname% — alt_name articles/categories
  • %category% — alt_name the parent of article/category
  • %reverse_cats% — the complete list of parental elements, for example, if the post is in a category of «Zebra», and this category is in other category «Animals», on result of a macro %reverse_cats % will be «kategoriya\zebry»
  • %year% — year of the publication
  • %monthnum% — month of the publication (in a numerical kind)
  • %day% — day of the publication
  • %hour% — hour of the publication
  • %minute% — minute of the publication
  • %second% — second of the publication
  • %author% — the author (if the author of article is not specified in additional fields it is substituted admin)

The list of accessible macroes for each of fields can be found in the contextual menu of a concrete field.