Hot keys

In this window it is possible for combination of keys which will cause the tools necessary to you and menu points. Simply allocate the button and specify it a new hot combination of keys. Changes will come into force after closing of the manager.

Menu options

In menu options there is a possibility to define which tools and in what order the user wants to see in the basic menu of the program.

Project type: Blog with comments/Forum

The basic feature of this type of the project is that the project tree consists not of 2 types of records as usual — a category and a post, and from three: a category, a post, the comment (for forums it is a forum, a theme, the message). The type of the project a blog with comments (it is set in project options) is a new branch of development of the program. Now besides possibility of pouring of articles and categories there was a possibility to export also comments to these articles.

Project type: Multisite project

The basic idea ща multisite projects — project creation under some sites. Earlier, in Zebroide, one project = one site, and accordingly was not very important (in respect of creation of satellites) functions — перелинковка between projects. Methods перелинковки several projects were, but to name their convenient language did not turn. Now, all that is necessary for you is one multisite the project at which export the program itself will create necessary quantity of export files, and all internal references will have the necessary format.

Besides it is not obligatory to do it only for the sake of перелинковки. The multisite project is convenient that it is possible to do the same processings for several sites simultaneously.

Proxy checking and parsing

This tool is used for parsing of public lists of a proxy, and as checks of their quality. It is recommended to use each time before start of tools of demanding proxies if you are not assured of their quality.

Settigs - Autosaving

Project autosaving allows to avoid a situation of loss of the data because of failure in work of the computer, light switching-off, not true actions of the user or failure in the program. The program does background preservation of the project which can be restored in the project manager later in certain time intervals.

Settings - CMS export

Options which concern directly export process in CMS. Options remain only for the active project.

Settings - CNC

Options of formation of references for internal перелинковки. As the program does not know exact addresses of articles which will define to it CMS after export during creation internal перелинковки, Zebrodi tries to «guess» them (at correct options chance of guessing of 100 %) being guided by these rules. Options remain only for the current project.

Settings - Images

Options of work of the program with drawings. These options are responsible for formation of names to drawings at their addition in the project or parsing from search engines. Options remain only for the current project.

Settings - Lists

Options of display of lists in the program. In this window the user can define, he wants to have what condition of lists at opening of different tools. Lists can be or are completely developed (it is visible all categories and tree elements) or are completely curtailed (it is visible only to a category of the first level, other elements can be seen having developed the necessary categories).

Settings - Program

Settings of program Zebroid. These Settings global also do not depend on the current project.

Settings - Project

Options that concern directly the active project of the program. The majority of options of this

вкладки is not recommended to be used if on it there are no reasons or you do not understand their mission.

Settings - Project tree

Options of a tree of the project in Zebroid. These options global also do not depend on the current project.

Settings - Spelling

Options responsible for spelling in the editor of an initial code of article. There is a possibility to add the words and as to use simultaneously some dictionaries.

Updates of Zebroid

In this article process of updating of the program, feature of updating of additional licences and where the user data is stored is told.