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Processing of several projects

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In program: Project → Processing of several projects
The tool of processing of several projects allows to start on performance a drop-macro (it is possible at all one, and a little in some sequence) at once for the necessary projects. Zebroid will open each project by turns, to carry out for them the necessary actions, to keep and close.

a program Window: Processing of several projects

a program Window: Processing of several projects

Order of use the such:

  1. Create a processing profile (the top window on the middle)
  2. Add the necessary actions (a window under it)
  3. In case of need create profiles a drop-macro
  4. Keep a profile
  5. Choose the necessary projects (the left top part of a window)
  6. Start process

The drop-macro is a basis of this tool. The basic tools for processing processing there are, therefore to begin with it is recommended to create drop profiles, to test on any project, whether to look all correctly, and already then in large quantities to use on several projects.

Be attentive : at processing of several projects recoil is not possible.