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Divide/merge projects

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In program: Project → Divide/merge projects
In Zebroid there is a possibility to connect or separate projects. To connect projects it is possible two ways:

  1. Completely (in the project manager through the contextual menu)
  2. Is selective

And as there is a possibility selectively to break the project on slightly less. That's it in Division of the project or carrying over of a part of articles from one project in another the tool also is engaged to Break / to unite the project .

a program Window: to Break / to unite the project

a program Window: to Break / to unite the project

Depending on a desirable way of Division shares on two parts:

  1. Division on categories
  2. Division under dictionaries

The first to serve for division of the project depending on a category: the category and the project in which all contents of this category will be sent gets out. As here there is an option which defines in which image will be is transferred these categories to the new project — together with that category on which we break or without it (i.e. only its contents).

The second to serve for project division on presence of keywords in article body. In this case presence of words from the specified dictionaries solves what article will get to what project. If in one article there are words from different dictionaries definition it will get to what project depends on options in the dropping out list from above.

The option "Delete coincided articles from this project " is responsible for removal of transferred articles from this project. I.e. after Division there are only those articles which have not got anywhere.

Attention: Division and a choice of the existing project, this project will be added by new articles. I.e. selective association of projects
will be made