Batch projects creating

Package creation of projects allows to create set of projects and to import to them a content from the specified folders. Names of projects will correspond to names of folders from which it makes import. If the user specifies 5 folders the program will be created by 5 projects and to each of them imports files from a corresponding folder.

Divide/merge projects

In Zebroid there is a possibility to connect or separate projects. To connect projects it is possible two ways:

  1. Completely (in the project manager through the contextual menu)
  2. Is selective

And as there is a possibility selectively to break the project on slightly less. That's it in Division of the project or carrying over of a part of articles from one project in another the tool also is engaged to Break / to unite the project .

Processing of several projects

The tool of processing of several projects allows to start on performance a drop-macro (it is possible at all one, and a little in some sequence) at once for the necessary projects. Zebroid will open each project by turns, to carry out for them the necessary actions, to keep and close.


The scheduler — the tool, allowing to plan some processings of projects for a certain time. It can be as difficult processing of the project (for the night that did not disturb) or the publication of posts under report XML-RPC with the set time intervals.