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Project manager

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In program: File → Open → Project manager
Project manager — window for projects management. In it, you can open projects, delete, move, merge, etc. All operations are performed on the project that has not been open yet, and are located here.
Program window: Project manager

Program window: Project manager

Red pictograms in froте of the name of the project signify that the project is open in the «big project» mode. Mode «Big Project» is a special mode for working with project, in which almost all the data about the project, while working with it, is stored on hard disk, but not in ram memory. This, in its turn, leads to the decrease rate when working with project, but at the same time allows opening and working with very large projects. Otherwise, errors may occur while working with projects. To open a project in this mode, it is necessary to press the down arrow next to OK button and select the desired mode. Later, every time project will be opened in this mode (as long as you open the project in normal mode).

Context menu:

Reload the project list – it deletes the cache of the project list and generates it anew. You need to do it when copying the project folder from another computer
  • Add category – it adds a category to the list
  • Rename – it renames the project \ category
  • Combine projects – it merges projects selected by the user in a new project
  • Delete – it deletes the project \ category
  • Relocate to category – it relocates the selected project into the selected category
  • Maximize all – it maximizes the tree
  • Collapse all – it collapses the tree