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Export list of links

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In program: Tags → Export list of links
This tool is designed to create a list of links to articles and project categories. The need for such list may be different, but it is the most useful for those who want to effortlessly get a minimum list of keywords for website promotion. This tool is located in the menu "Tags".

Export list of links menu

Export list of links menu

The first step is to configure the tool to get the desired result. There are such settings:

  • Anchor — source of anchor for the link. May consist of: title and articles tags, only title, only tags or all tags
  • Links for... — identify the source of URL themselves. Can be taken either from the data on XML-RPC posting, or formed depending on the settings of the project CNC (in other words, just as the program is doing to create internal linking)
  • Only published posts — when you activate this option Zebroid will download a list of those articles publication date of which have already occurred

If for some reason the program can not determine the anchor or URL for this article — such a link is not downloaded.