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Partial checking mode

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In program: File → Partial checking mode
Partial checking mode allows processing only a part of the open source project (notes marked with a checkmark). This makes it possible to process new content without affecting the content that has been already processed; exporting only the desired part of the project, doing a search and making replacements in the necessary records, etc.

Using a partial checking is very simple. First, you need to activate it: open «File» menu and activate «partial checking mode». Then, the checkbox will appear in front of each entry in the project tree; it will be responsible for processing of the records; which records require processing and which ones do not.

Moreover, to make the process of selecting entries easier, the context menu of the project tree has a menu item, which is in charge of the mark entries.

Context menu of the project tree for entries

Context menu of the project tree for entries

Supported functions

Partial checking mode is selected by all the tools of the program, which need to control which records should be processed. The following functions are exceptions:
  • Creation of categories according to tags in the tool «Tag insertion
  • Export to static sites
  • Synchronization of XML-RPC

In the tools of simple and ring relinking, checkmarks determine from which pages one can put links.