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Program interface

Article editor

Articles editor lets you change the properties of pages of articles and text. This is a key element when dealing with the articles of the project. It is also able to work with categories, but only some CMS support the ability to add text to a category page.

Export list of links

This tool is designed to create a list of links to articles and project categories. The need for such list may be different, but it is the most useful for those who want to effortlessly get a minimum list of keywords for website promotion. This tool is located in the menu "Tags".

FTP accounts

These accounts are used in tools such as: CMS Installer, Export and uploading , Upload/download images etc.

It does not matter for what tool you need to create accounts, the settings are the same.

Main menu

The main menu of the program — is a menu that allows you to run all the basic tools of the program. It is divided into two parts:

  1. Main — is at the top and contains a full set of software tools
  2. Users — big buttons under the main menu that the user made for quick launch of programs tools

Partial checking mode

Partial checking mode allows processing only a part of the open source project (notes marked with a checkmark). This makes it possible to process new content without affecting the content that has been already processed; exporting only the desired part of the project, doing a search and making replacements in the necessary records, etc.

Project Journal

Journal of the project — a window that is intended to let the user orient about what and when he did something with the project (very useful information when working with large projects). Log file is made automatically and requires no user intervention.

Project manager

Project manager — window for projects management. In it, you can open projects, delete, move, merge, etc. All operations are performed on the project that has not been open yet, and are located here.

Project tree

Project tree — is the structure of categories and posts of your project. In fact, this is your project because it is a central part of the program. How your project will look at the site depends on how it looks in that tree.

Working with project tree in many ways is not complicated, but the abundance of options and opportunities might confuse a novice to find solutions, that is why this article is strongly recommended to read.

Regular expressions kit

Regular expressions kit allows to facilitate the creation of regular expressions for those users who are versed in them. So, with the help of this tool you can check the accuracy of expression for search and replacement.

Setting templates in program

Practically in every program tool, one can see control unit of tools templates. This is a very useful and convenient functional. It allows storing of different variant of tool settings in the profile. Users have to choose the necessary profile to activate these settings.

SSH accounts

SSH accounts in the program are used in various instruments, such as: CMS installer, Rain-drop macro.

No matter for what tool you have created an account, they configure the same. Setting up access to the server via SSH in Zebroid does not differ from that used in any other SSH clients.