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List of plugins

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On this page it is possible to find the list of plugins already ready to application for Zebroid. For the convenience, all plugins are divided on categories. As use that or other plugin it is possible to read in a window plugins, in the program already after its installation.

To begin with I will lay out archive with all plugins from this theme. The archive regularly replenishes (in process of a writing of plugins) so can download and rewrite simply periodically it files.

All plugins.zipSize: 108,09 Kb

Plugins in a folder Zebroid\php plugins\ are established.

On all questions, offers or remarks on work of plugins — write on forum Zebroid


Plugins from this category export the project in suitable for concrete CMS a format. It is plugins for CMS on files and everything more often that it is necessary to make after export is to fill in generated by the program files on a site.

  • Export in TDSSE CMS — project export in TDSSE CMS
  • Monstra CMS — export of the project to a format of given Monstra CMS

TDSSE CMS.zipSize: 2,47 Kb
Monstra CMS.zipSize: 16,52 Kb

Work with the text

Plugins which make any changes to texts of articles.

  • Auto alt/title for images — automatic creation alt/title for pictures in articles on article heading
  • KeywordsToText — addition of key words/names of article in the text end
  • ImagesBehindTagMore — carrying over of all pictures for тег more
  • Paragraph Creator — the plugin concludes all paragraphs in теги < p>
  • HTML Cleaner — clearing from HTML a code with possibility to keep some теги
  • Ring relink blocks — ring relink articles by means of addition of the block of references in the end of article
  • Ring relink pictures
  • Links from a file — the insert of references from a file in record in the form of the block under article text
  • Macroreplacement — search of one value and its replacement by one of set of variants

KeywordsToText.zipSize: 1,94 Kb
HTML Cleaner.zipSize: 5,05 Kb

Work with posts

Plugins which work with records — delete them, transfer, find etc.

  • Delete bad articles — deleting of articles at which there is stop words
  • Delete duplicates — removal of duplicates of articles on full coincidence of the text or heading
  • Delete by title length
  • Forumer — unite records with one name in one theme of a forum
  • Comments Import — import of comments to articles in a format xls, xlsx, csv
  • Merging post with the same title
  • Merging of certain number of records in one
  • Distribution of posts — evenly distribution of posts to the created categories
  • Categories from the text — distribution on categories depending on a sign in the text
  • Divide the project on N parts — Divides the project into the specified quantity of parts

Forumer.zipSize: 5,35 Kb
Comments Import.zipSize: 3,21 Kb

Work with title

Plugins that title of articles and categories change.

  • Article Title By Category — article title = the category name in which it lies
  • TitleAdder — adds to post title a casual line from the file specified by the user

TitleAdder.zipSize: 1,76 Kb


Plugins which cannot be carried to any of existing categories.

  • TagsToKeywords — copies value of a field of «tag» in «Keywords»
  • Adding the expanded tag — adds a tag in different variants of a word order
  • Import addit. fileds — import add. fields to articles in a format xls, xlsx, csv
  • Search and replacement in add. fields
  • Category to tags — addition the name of a category of a post in the list of tags
  • Transferring add. fields — carrying over add. Fields in other fields (heading, the text, tags etc.)

TagsToKeywords.zipSize: 2,28 Kb